Inspur provides information system support to Air China

Inspur, a data center products and solutions provider, has reported it plans to begin providing operation and service system support for Air China, the company said.

Air China is one of the airlines with the high transportation abilities in China. Its service covers 1,330 destinations in 193 countries.

The core information systems of Air China are divided into two major categories: the operation system and the service system. The operation systems provide search, extraction and analysis of data from a multitude of databases, facilitating flight plans. The service system includes the self check-in system, sales systems, and more.

Inspur servers are gaining traction in data center enterprise verticals–along with its SAP HANA Certification for its eight-socket server and four-socket servers and the ability to provide real-time analysis of big data from different sources. Inspur is a server vendor with server shipment increases of 47 percent YoY and sales revenue increases of 49 percent YoY.