Insitu launches INEXA cloud capability

Insitu, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), has introduced its INEXA Cloud capability, an integral feature of Insitu´s rapidly growing professional unmanned suite of tools and capabilities, the company said.

The suite consists of INEXA Control, Insitu air vehicles including the ScanEagleâ„¢, payloads including the new High Accuracy Photogrammetry (HAP) payload, and recently announced INEXAâ„¢ Solutions, Insitu´s professional aerial remote sensing services group.

INEXA Cloud is a high-performance platform used to process, organize, move and share remote sensing data globally. Solutions architects, analysts, and software developers now can easily and quickly maximize the value of collected information for commercial enterprises through Insitu´s INEXA Cloud capability.

Insitu´s INEXA Cloud delivers secure, integrated and extensible services, tools and application program interfaces (API) to present data to a growing repository of applications.

These applications process many data types including images, day and night video, multi-and-hyper spectral imagery, and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).

The data also can be exposed to a growing family of algorithms which extract precise information such as 3D Digital Surface Model (DSM), volumetric assessment, automatic object, vegetation and change detection, machine learning, and deep learning.

Informed decisions then can be made rapidly, particularly in mining, oil and gas, energy, water, and other large critical infrastructure management industries, resulting in optimized business operations and increased safety.

Insitu is an industry-leading provider of information for superior decision making. With its headquarters in Bingen, Wash., and offices in the US, U.K., and Australia, the company creates and supports unmanned systems and software technology that deliver end-to-end solutions for collecting, processing and understanding sensor data.