Insitu integrates smart mapping payload on ScanEagle UAS

Insitu, a subsidiary of The Boeing company and Overwatch Imaging has announced that it has successfully integrated a customized TK-5 Firewatch smart tactical mapping payload on Insitu´s ScanEagle® UAS, the company said.

The Firewatch-equipped ScanEagle will provide real-time fire line maps and wide-area, high-resolution imagery intelligence for wildfire management, disaster recovery, and other applications.

Integrated onto ScanEagle, the TK-5 Firewatch payload maps more than 50,000 acres per hour with resolution much greater than high-altitude or space-based multi-band imaging systems, and features ideal image data and onboard processing capability to enable faster identification and delivery of precision geospatial intelligence at large scale.

Firewatch will enable ScanEagle to “fly the gaps,” day or night, when traditional mapping or surveillance assets are unavailable or conditions are hazardous for manned aircraft to fly.

Insitu is an industry-leading provider of information for superior decision making. With its headquarters in Bingen, Wash., and offices in the US, UK, and Australia, the company creates and supports unmanned systems and software technology that deliver end-to-end solutions for collecting, processing and understanding sensor data.

Based in Hood River, Oregon USA, Overwatch creates customized aerial image-based intelligence systems for long endurance Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and light, piloted aircraft.