Innovium Gets Broad Industry Support for TERALYNX Based Solutions

Innovium, Inc., a provider of networking switch solutions for cloud and edge data centers, has announced that it has received extensive industry support for its TERALYNX family of products, the company said.

Innovium was the first switch silicon company to introduce a programmable 12.8T switch using 56G PAM4 technology and partnered with vendors to deliver robust 100-400G networking solutions. Those solutions are being deployed by the top cloud customers. With 25.6Tbps TERALYNX 8 switch silicon, Innovium is first to introduce a switch silicon using 112G PAM4 technology[1]. Built using proven architecture, TERALYNX 8 delivers the largest on-chip buffers, lowest-latency, unmatched FLASHLIGHT™ v3 telemetry and market-leading power efficiency.

Innovium is a provider of high performance, innovative switching silicon solutions for Cloud and Edge data centers. Innovium TERALYNX family delivers software compatible products ranging from 1Tbps to 25.6Tbps with unmatched telemetry, low latency, programmability, and large buffers, and a feature rich architecture that scales to 51.2Tbps+. For more information, visit: