Innovation in China takes lead in globe

In June 2017, H3C S12500X-AF, a data center core switch, successfully passed the test of Network Test, a leading global authority of testing and has become the first core switch to achieve 768 line-speed 100G interfaces per chassis, which is the industry´s only and the highest performance core switch equipment, the company said.

This is by far the largest scale of 100G Ethernet switch performance test among the industry, which, not only verified the R&D capacities of New H3C, also demonstrated to the world the strength of “Innovation in China”.

Conducted by Network Test, an independent testing agency authorized by New H3C. The test adopted the world´s leading Spirent communication testing instrument and selected Fullmesh, a traffic model for traffic testing on all 768 line-speed 100G interfaces.The test was unprecedentedly challenging in order to better reflect users application scenarios as well as a purposed test on the large scale IP routing forwarding.

However, in the practice of continuous testing, the performance of H3C S12500X-AF was very stable, which fully demonstrated its excellent performance and reliability.

H3C S12500 series are the core switches developed by New H3C.

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