innogy, Intertrust to deliver privacy-centric customer data services

innogy SE (IGY), Germany´s energy company and Intertrust, a provider of trusted distributed computing technology, has announced that innogy will use Intertrust Modulusâ„¢ Data Rights Management Platform for privacy-centric data services, the company said.

With the integration of Intertrust Modulus, customers of innogy´s smart home offering can manage their data securely and privately, even if they have subscribed to a variety of services. This allows third-parties like insurers to work through innogy´s service to analyze sensitive customer data without compromising the consumer´s privacy rights and respecting GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Started in 2011, innogy Smart Home is one of Germany´s smart home IoT platforms. Rather than focusing purely on devices, innogy adds valuable home services such as security monitoring and environmental control. innogy´s product offering enables partners to leverage a rich device and service ecosystem by having access to devices from a wide range of hardware manufacturers, service providers, and sales channels. Today, innogy´s service manages its own smart home devices and those provided by third-party market leaders.

The innogy Smart Home/Intertrust Modulus partnership is the latest of a series of disruptive joint development projects between the two companies. As data-driven business models revolutionize energy company operations, increase margins, and open new revenue lines and connections with customers, Intertrust´s products have become a centerpiece of the data-driven energy company strategy.

innogy is launching its new generation of home gateway controllers with hardware cooperation partner MEdion. Additionally, they are showing new smart home devices made by MEdion along with their existing suite of smart home devices. innogy is also showcasing their home services with major insurance brands, home security service providers, and other home services that will surface through their common web gateway. Using innogy Smart Home, customers will be able to gain efficient home control and home services and have more time to enjoy their healthy and safe homes.

innogy Smart Home has launched in Germany but is available for use by companies of all sectors in other geographies as a white label service.

Intertrust provides trusted computing products and services to global corporations — from mobile and CE manufacturers and service providers to enterprise software platform companies. These products include the world´s digital rights management, software tamper resistance and privacy-driven data platforms for software tamper resistance and private data sets for various verticals including energy, entertainment, fintech and IoT.

Founded in 1990, Intertrust is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with regional offices in London, Tokyo, Mumbai, Beijing, Seoul, Riga, and Tallinn. The company has a legacy of invention, and its fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust are globally recognized. Intertrust holds hundreds of patents that are key to Internet security, trust, and privacy management components of operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services, and cloud computing.

innogy SE is a German energy company, with revenue of around EUR 43 billion (2017), more than 42,000 employees and activities in 16 countries across Europe. With its three business segments Renewables, Grid & Infrastructure and Retail, innogy addresses the requirements of a modern, decarbonised, decentralised and digital energy world.