Initiative to help children with autism assess ability to cope with airline flights

A new initiative has been launched to offer parents the opportunity to take their child with autism on a short experience flight so they can assess how they cope with the whole process and develop strategies to overcome any issues.

The lives of thousands of families are affected by autism. For many parents the prospect of a journey by air is too daunting to contemplate because of the worry of how their child with autism will react to this unique environment. The new sounds and sensations of air travel, together with the noise and bustle of an airport can be unnerving and frightening to anyone experiencing it for the first time, but for someone with autism, this can be greatly amplified and overwhelming.

Led by specialist aviation training company, FOF Events, raising funds in support of The National Autistic Society, and in conjunction with Ryanair, the Flying With Autism initiative has been established not only to help a child with autism familiarise themselves with the flying experience, but also for parents and carers so they can undertake the necessary preparation in advance of the flight to ensure that their child´s experience is as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

The programme is designed to provide advice and coping techniques to assist parents and carers support a child with autism through the more stressful parts of the experience such as airport security as well as the noises and sensations on board an aircraft.

The two-hour Ground Course will be held at 2.30 pm on Sunday 28th February 2016 at the Chiltern Hotel in Luton and the Experience Flight, aboard a Ryanair Boeing 737, will take off from Stansted airport at 2.30 pm on Sunday 13th March for a 30 minute round trip flight.