InfraSite product solves 5G problems and generates solutions

InfraSite, a Florida-based technology solutions company, has created a product that can merge into the wireless industry and bring the municipalities and wireless carriers together to create a new 5G experience, the company said.

The underground box houses Internet connectivity and personal and business communications while providing solutions for smart cities and worldwide telecommunication networks.

InfraSite´s introduction of the underground equipment shelter comes as telecommunication carriers are racing to secure more broadcast towers, following the Federal Communications Commission´s decision mandating municipalities nationwide must provide space for 5G deployments.

InfraSite is a global company on the cutting edge of technology that designs, develops and provides solutions for customers challenged with the need to place equipment in diverse environmental settings.

Compared to old fashioned approaches, such as standard macro towers, rooftop installations and small cells, the “out-of-the-box” InfraSite solution enhances the network by providing equipment protection, incremental revenues, increased safety and preserved site aesthetics and property values.