InfoVista launches VistaInsight capabilities

InfoVista, the provider of network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world, has announced the launch of Xhaul and C-RAN Service Assurance capabilities for its Service Assurance platform, VistaInsight, the company said.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can benefit from VistaInsight to assure end-to-end transport (Xhaul) QoS over their NFV-based next generation network, including centralized RAN (C-RAN) assurance, leveraging InfoVista´s leadership in assuring fixed and mobile backhaul networks. This paves the way for seamless transformation of mobile radio networks to NFV-based 5G networks.

With continuing rollout of digital services and the imminent deployment of 5G technology, mobile networks are evolving to dynamic and hybrid (physical and virtualized) digital networks, with a high dependency on underlying transport QoS. The forthcoming technology of network-slicing that will support enterprise and industry-vertical SLAs, as well as always-available, high reliability, low latency IoT services, requires greater performance from underlying transport networks, whether IP/Ethernet, microwave or optical.

VistaInsight´s transport SLA capabilities, together with real-time analytics, offer deep insight and rich management of 5G-specific metrics, such as availability, reliability, latency and capacity, to guarantee services for network-slices, enterprises and industry verticals.

As multiple sources of customer data flow through the hybrid NFV based network, it is critical for MNOs to normalize and assess multi-technology and multi-vendor network performance in real-time. VistaInsight offers a unique solution for data normalization and real-time service assurance, in complex, hybrid environments.

VistaInsight meets MNOs´ specific requirements for the successful monitoring of end-to-end Xhaul (fronthaul and backhaul) performance, focusing on providing the network operations team with the tools they need to accelerate problem detection and resolution in constantly evolving complex hybrid networks. In addition, it provides network engineering teams with the means to better plan and monitor network capacity.

InfoVista is the provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions for a better connected and collaborative world. Our award-winning offering empowers eighty percent of the world´s largest communications service providers, top mobile network operators, global enterprises and regulatory bodies worldwide to ensure a high-quality user experience by achieving optimal network performance and guaranteeing business-critical application performance.