Infostretch Grew During Lockdowns

Infostretch, a digital engineering service provider reported that its business fundamentals have remained strong and even improved through the COVID-19 lockdown, the company said.

The company was quick to adapt to the crisis, setting up 95% of its staff to work remotely within just two days. This rapid adaptation came with unexpected benefits, with staff reporting increased productivity and employee satisfaction due to the enforced remote working.

Between March and June 2020, Infostretch bucked the negative business environment and forged partnerships with five new clients. The digital engineering services firm now has over 50 clients, half of which are Fortune 500 companies. As businesses continue to adapt to physical operating restrictions, and depend more on virtual work environments, they are looking to digitize more of their business processes. And they are turning to Infostretch to help them do it, quickly and efficiently.

In response to the crisis, the company was forced to completely digitize its own operations and has moved all its development and customer data to the cloud with accelerators to accommodate increased online workload. The CTO office also launched its very first global virtual “Hackathon,” an annual meeting of minds where digital solutions to pressing issues were shared and discussed. The 2020 Hackathon focused on the role technological solutions could play in a post-COVID world.

Infostretch´s HR department also launched several initiatives and creative activities involving employees and members of their families to keep morale high and productivity strong. In particular, keen to understand the impact of remote working, Infostretch commissioned an employee survey.

A massive 86 percent of employees reported that they were highly satisfied with the new arrangement. Thanks to the lack of commuting, those employees pointed out that it allowed them to spend more quality time with their families and gave them time to focus on their own interests and hobbies. Also, an overwhelming 95 percent of staff demonstrated higher productivity overall.

Infostretch is a pure-play digital engineering services firm focused on helping companies accelerate their digital initiatives from strategy and planning through execution.