Informatica PowerExchange integrates with SAP HANA platform

Informatica Corp. (NASDAQ: INFA) said that Informatica PowerExchange 9.5.1 has achieved SAP-certified integration with the SAP HANA(R) platform.

Additionally, Informatica ILM Nearline 6.1A has achieved SAP-certified integration with the SAP NetWeaver(R) technology platform.

Informatica customers can now read, write and update to SAP HANA using PowerExchange 9.5.1. Informatica PowerExchange 9.5.1 provides connectivity to SAP HANA, with the ability to read and write data from and to SAP HANA respectively. PowerExchange also can perform data updates, bulk data inserts, and delta or incremental loading to SAP HANA. Click here to learn more about PowerExchange.

Informatica ILM Nearline is designed to help IT organizations manage their data growth. Designed for environments running the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) application, Informatica ILM Nearline v6.1A has certified integration with SAP NetWeaver BW.

Informatica is an independent provider of data integration software. The company´s website is at