InFlight Labs awarded 3rd US patent for distress aircraft notification/tracking system

InFlight Labs, an aerospace development center, has announced it has been awarded its third US patent for its GADSS ELT, SATCOM, and ADS-B Distress Tracking Systems, the company said.

The company´s patented distress aircraft notification and tracking system interface continuously monitors avionics data for aircraft anomalies/problems which when discovered triggers/activates an onboard ELT, ELT-DT, SATCOM System or ADS-B surveillance system for real-time aircraft tracking by authorities.

InFlight Labs´ GADSS-specific patents are: Distress Aircraft Notification and Tracking System, SATCOM Distress Aircraft Tracking System, Survival Emergency Location Transmitter Tracking System.

InFlight Labs closely monitors ICAO GADSS´s mandate progress through the ICAO GADSS Advisory Group which includes such members as; Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Iridium, Inmarsat and many other airlines industry leaders.