Inflight food expert plans movie

A full-length documentary film from Nik Loukas — creator of — will show how airlines source, prepare and deliver meals to passengers at 35,000 feet, InFlightFeed said.

“The Inflight Food Trip” figures to reveal a world that few passengers ever see.

Loukas is working together with accomplished producer/director James Mellor of Rainbow Trout Films. Filming is set to begin by August 2016 and conclude by October.

Some airlines have dedicated facilities for food preparation and taste-testing, while others have inflight kitchens. Many have professional chefs and strive to source ingredients locally. No matter how airlines achieve the minor miracle of delivering inflight meals, the fact is that it´s an astonishing operation with many moving parts. The movie will also dive into the surprising history of airline food, which dates all the way back to 1919.