Inflight Dublin pioneering wireless IFE in Czechia with travel service

Travel Service, the biggest Czech air carrier, launched a completely unique inflight entertainment service on its flights, providing a superior level of comfort for passengers, the company said.

The service is initially being rolled out on scheduled flights under the SmartWings brand.

In October 2017 Travel Service agreed to increase its stake in the national flag carrier CSA Czech Airlines, from 44% to almost 98%. Although Travel Service Group carries fewer scheduled passengers than CSA, its overall operation is much larger, as evidenced by its fleet of 34 Boeing 737s, compared with CSA´s 18-strong fleet. The fast growing group has ambitions to operate a fleet of 70-80 aircraft.

Using Everhub, a proprietary software developed by Inflight Dublin, Travel Service and SmartWings passengers in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, France will soon enjoy streaming content on the airline´s complete fleet.

Everhub enables passengers to engage with entertainment, on-board retail and destination services via their mobile device or laptop. Via these devices, the passengers will be able to stream movies and audio files, read magazines and newspapers, play games and childrens´ movies will be available as well.

Travel Service is the biggest Czech airline company. Airline operates regular flights under the SmartWings brand, charter flights and private flights in the Business Jet category. Travel Service planes are flying to more than 300 airports on 4 continents.

Inflight Dublin is a global provider of content and wireless IFE solutions, delivering high-quality services to airlines for over 30 years. More than 40 satisfied clients across 4 continents are Inflight Dublin´s testament to quality. Inflight Dublin is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices and representatives at 8 locations around the world.