Infiniti Research releases IT, telecom, gaming industries studies

Infiniti Research has performed three new market assessments for leading communications and gaming firms, the company said.

Inexpensive and reliable mobile radio communication systems are in high demand, and the two-way radio communication market has been growing immensely.

Professional commercial radio (PCR) is used across a wide range of industries and is a mission-critical technology for rescue workers, firefighters, and police. Although the PCR offers robust benefits over analog radio, the market faces several challenges, and this led a prominent data communications and telecommunications equipment provider to request a market assessment on PCR in Australia and New Zealand.

The primary objective of the project was to understand key market dynamics and trends, as well as the market shares of major brands in the region.

The study also investigated the business structure, geographic coverage, product offerings, and prices of the top players in this market and provides a holistic overview of the key market dynamics and trends across verticals including the government, national security, public services, and the military.

The healthcare industry has recently been facing several challenges around changing regulations and government policies. While there has been growing demand for high-quality home healthcare and better patient information monitoring systems, factors such as security concerns regarding patient medical data and difficulty gaining connectivity to medical devices in developing countries are creating challenges for market players.

Gaming virtual goods are digital items purchased to further one´s progress in a game or to simply make aesthetic changes (such as new outfits for in-game characters). Selling these goods has become one of the leading revenue models in the global gaming industry, so with this in mind, an online game developer and operator approached Infiniti with the goal of better understanding the competitive landscape of this market.

The focus of the study was players who buy and sell their game accounts, but it also included those who buy and sell virtual goods outside the game with real money and those who trade in virtual currency. Infiniti´s team of experts examined influential factors for market growth, the latest market trends, and popular payment channels, providing insights and a complete overview of the current and future market scenario in the target countries.

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