Infax implements pilot facility analytics system in ATL restrooms

Infax has announced it has launched its a pilot program of its TRAX SmartRestroom facility analytics system at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the company said.

The Infax technology will help the busy airport improve facilities management by providing real-time data that allows staff and restrooms to run more efficiently.

Infax technology is operating in more than 65 airports across the US and is now live in ATL´s concourse B restrooms, serving two of Delta´s busiest restrooms with potential plans to expand to additional restrooms and terminals.

As part of ATL´s USD 6 billion modernization program and in prparation for the summer vacation traffic, Infax has also partnered with Tooshlights®, the only smart restroom traffic management system that helps guests “know where to go.” These efforts are in partnership with the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation (AATC) to bring the smart restroom of the future to ATL.

The Infax integration with Tooshlights will work similarly to parking garage lights, notifying travelers when a stall is ready to be used. Feedback data from each passenger´s user experience will be tracked and stored by Infax and the system will provide real-time data so that staff can be alerted when the restrooms need to be cleaned.

Infax, Inc. is a data-driven provider of innovative information technology (IT) solutions for airports and other public venues.