Industry-leading batteries to power first flights of all-electric aircraft

Eviation Aircraft, a global manufacturer of all-electric air mobility solutions, and Kokam, a battery manufacturer based in South Korea, has announced details for a battery supply deal worth over USD 1 million, the company said.

These batteries will be used to power Eviation´s Alice aircraft, set to fly by the end of this year. A mock-up of the Alice can be viewed at the Singapore Air Show in Booth A11.

With the goal of making clean regional air travel accessible for all, Eviation is tackling one of the world´s dirtiest industries – aviation. Its zero-emissions solution, the Alice, which debuted at the 52nd Paris Air Show in June 2017, leverages an IP portfolio that includes thermal management and autonomous landing, as well as distributed electric propulsion, industry-leading battery technology provided by Kokam, and cutting-edge composite body frames capable of carrying up to 9 passengers on a single charge for 650 miles.

Beginning with its patented manufacturing process, Kokam´s battery solutions feature a compact battery cell design, an industry-leading energy density of 260 Watt hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) and a long cycle life, making them optimized to achieve light, energy efficient solutions meeting the safety demands of an aircraft. While the company´s battery solutions have been used in aerial, ground, surface, and underwater drone applications for military, commercial, and industrial purposes, this deal with Eviation marks the first time they will be used in manned aerial flights of regional commuter aircrafts.

Eviation is primed to make regional air travel emissions-free with a fully electric aircraft design, built from the ground up to cut costs and improve efficiency on the busiest city-to-city transit routes, such as San Diego to Silicon Valley and Seoul to Beijing. Through 2019, Eviation will certify and commercialize its all-electric Alice aircraft, while partnering with industry suppliers, including Kokam, to bring its prototypes to scale and to the market.

Eviation Aircraft Ltd. is developing and manufacturing efficient electric aircraft in an effort to make electric aviation a fast, competitive, and sustainable answer to the on-demand mobility of people and goods. Its distributed propulsion, high-energy density batteries, mission-driven energy management, and new airframe are designed from the ground up to maximize these technological advances for regional flight operators. Eviation is a member of NASA´s on-demand mobility program, and serves on the electric aviation committees of the General Aviation Manufacturers´ Association (GAMA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). visit us at

With a globally acknowledged and proprietary manufacturing technology, Kokam Co., Ltd has provided a wide range of lithium ion/polymer battery solutions to customers in over 50 countries and many different industries, including the military, aerospace, marine, Electric Vehicle (EV), Energy Storage System (ESS) and UPS for industrial markets. With over 150 battery-related patents and a total of 650-megawatt hours of field performance, Kokam is a proven provider of providing innovative, high-tech battery solutions. For more information, visit