Industry leaders combine architecture, delivery expertise

Idyllic Software and Simplicity Itself said they have announced GoMicro.Services.

The new company is the first software firm dedicated exclusively to Microservices delivery, training and consulting services for organizations of all types. The firm will offer architecture, consultancy and end-to-end delivery of Microservices projects — a fast-growing software development approach whereby complex applications are composed of small, independent processes.

GoMicro.Services will focus purely on developing Microservices architecture, delivering completed software projects and guiding organizations through the adoption and integration of Microservices into legacy processes and frameworks.

The company will be its own entity, with its own resources and business development streams. It will be led by Idyllic´s Parekh as COO, and two Simplicity Itself executives, David Dawson as CEO and Russ Miles as CTO. Idyllic´s team will provide project delivery and execution, project management oversight and a US sales footprint.

Simplicity Itself will provide established industry thought leadership, architectural guidance, Microservice research, platform delivery, back-office support and a European sales footprint.

Idyllic Software is an India-based software delivery services firm focused on Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Microservices solutions for enterprise customers. Its mission is to provide practical, strategic and high-quality services to customers by hiring the best talent and empowering them to excel.