Indus operating system second most popular in India

Indus OS, an operating system conceptualized, developed and designed in India, has overtaken global giants such as iOS, Windows and Cyanogen to emerge as the second most popular OS in India, the company said.

As per Counterpoint Market Research, Q1 FY 2016-17 saw a total of 24.8 million smartphone devices sold in India, of which 1.4 million devices were powered by Indus OS. The indigenous operating system is currently available in 12 Indian languages, adding close to half million OS activations every month, and growing at 150 percent.

Indus OS is addressing one of India´s biggest technological challenges: to develop technology to cater to the economic, social and regional diversity. Less than 10 percent of the Indian population considers English as their first, second or third language.

The award-winning platform boasts a complete regional ecosystem, with patented keyboards, auto-correction, matra-prediction features, and transliteration support. App Bazaar is the regional app marketplace for Indus OS. It has over 25,000 regional language apps on its platform, and allows users to download and pay for apps without any credit cards or email identification.

The Indus OS is built on Android and currently supports 12 major languages spoken widely in the region.