Indra awarded contract to supply 3D radar to Royal Thai Air Force

Technology and consulting company Indra has secured a contract to deliver its early warning3D radar, Lanza LRR to the Royal Thai Air Force, the company said.

Indra provides integrated system solutions tailored to the requirements of every kind of end user, offering protection for the entire national air space, for critical points or zones, or for mass events.

Indra´s radar will also include the delivery of other associated equipment such as Indra´s AirDef (an advanced air defence command and control system). The company will also provide a comprehensive logistic package including training to the Royal Thai Air Force operation and maintenance personnel, spares and warranty.

Lanza is a family of state of the art 3D radar systems based on a fully modular and scalable architecture, both in hardware equipment and software packages/capabilities. Sharing common logistics and life cycle support concepts, this family includes a wide variety of possibilities of configuration adapted to the particular needs of each End User in all cases achieving the most demanding, or specific, operational requirements and cost effectiveness trade off. These multi-scenario, multi-role radars not only meet current NATO requirements, but also include advanced functionalities to meet future challenges.

Indra is a provider of proprietary solutions in niche areas in the Transport and Defense Markets and the leader in IT in Spain and Latin America.