INDMEX Aviation launches Windows-based runway incursion warning system (RIWS)

INDMEX has introduced OpsBOSS Runway Incursion Warning System (RIWS) for Windows laptops and tablets, as part of its AirBOSS Safety and Operations Management Suite for airports and airlines.

The introduction of INDMEX´s proven RIWS technology into Windows laptops and tablets, in addition to its existing Apple iOS platform already in use at major airports in the United States, gives airports the power to deploy critical runway safety technology at minimal cost.

The extension of the OpsBOSS system into Windows allows airports and airlines to leverage existing hardware platforms like Panasonic Toughbook (Models CF-30/31/18/19) and Microsoft Surface devices already fielded with other solutions.

The OpsBOSS RIWS system is part of the companies AirBOSS suite of products. AirBOSS has been built to provide airports with real-time web and mobile applications that improve safety, communication and coordination for airports of all sizes.

Currently deployed at Dallas-Fort Worth, Baltimore-Washington, Tampa and Centennial International Airports, the OpsBOSS Software suite has already demonstrated its benefits during normal and abnormal operations.

INDMEX focuses on airport and commercial aviation products and services.