India achieves quadruple-digit growth in 4G roaming

New data released by Syniverse shows that inter-regional 4G LTE roaming traffic from India has grown by a staggering 3,300% year-over-year, the company said.

This growth was measured by analyzing global roaming traffic traversing the Syniverse platform.

India´s explosive growth in 4G roaming is supported by Syniverse´s platform, including clearing and settlement, and the IPX network that is the global, secure backbone powering the world´s ability to experience LTE by interconnecting 1,000 service providers and 7 billion devices worldwide. This global footprint is critical not only to enabling further 4G proliferation, but also to providing the connectivity foundation necessary for enabling 5G.

In addition to demonstrating that 4G is growing quickly in India, the Syniverse study also illustrated that more than 70% of the country´s outbound roaming traffic is still traversing legacy network technologies like 3G or even 2G, underscoring that there is still more work to be done.

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