IndependenceIT Empowers IT Service Providers with Windows AppServices on Google Cloud Platform

IndependenceIT, the company that unifies cloud, application and data management for IT administrators, has announced AppServices for Google Cloud Platform® (GCP), the company said.

As the first and only Windows App Service for GCP, IT solution providers gain the advantage of efficient, consistent, and reliable delivery of applications and data for business customers.

At its core, IndependenceIT´s new AppServices on GCP allows service delivery partners to offer Windows-based applications and solutions to business customers by simply and reliably managing services in the cloud. The GCP-based solution provides complete service and usage visibility for the provider, enabling higher levels of business mobility and agility for end customers while significantly reducing the time, resource, and management costs of cloud-based application delivery.

IndependenceIT unifies cloud, application and data management for IT administrators. The company´s automation and workflow platform simplifies all administrative tasks from infrastructure to end-user support. With the Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS) software platform, partners leverage a robust API for ease of integration with existing systems, mitigating deployment requirements and increasing responsiveness. Contact IndependenceIT at 888-299-4552 or visit