Inceptrum delivers FIX Testbench to Canadian Securities Exchange

Inceptrum Technologies, Inc. has been deployed by Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), the company said.

FIX Testbench is an automated test platform (with high session capacity) for verifying and profiling FIX trading networks.

CSE said it selected FIX Testbench to automate, functional, performance and stress testing of their FIX trading network, while also reducing test execution times and associated operating costs.

The Canadian Securities Exchange is home to more than 300 uniquely listed issues covering a broad range of industry sectors, and provides trade execution, smart routing, risk management, compliance and market information services for Canadian-listed instruments.

Inceptrum Technologies, Inc. is a privately held Canadian company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, providing software and hardware FIX infrastructure solutions to a wide range of capital market sectors.