IMSAR sells detect and avoid radar technology

IMSAR LLC is selling its detect and avoid radar technology to Fortem Technologies, the company said.

This technology powered IMSAR´s previously announced family of collision avoidance radar designed for the commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) market.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires an aircraft operating in civil airspace to be able to “see and avoid” other aircraft. Collision-avoidance systems seek to meet this requirement by allowing UASs to detect other airborne objects, predict potential midair collisions, and automatically maneuver the UAS to avoid catastrophes. A radar-based “sense and avoid” or “sense and avoid” solution for small UASs was previously not viable due to the high cost, weight, and complex technology and algorithms required. Fortem´s product will enable small UASs to avoid midair collisions with manned or unmanned aircraft and even targets that lack a transponder, like cranes paving the way for the integration of UAS into civil airspace worldwide.

IMSAR LLC is a privately owned research, development, and manufacturing company located in Springville, UT, that specializes in lightweight, low-power synthetic aperture radar devices and radar image processing.

Fortem Technologies is a privately held company that delivers solutions to enable the autonomous revolution. Fortem Technologies´ proven solutions allow organizations to transition their UAS operations beyond human line of sight. This enables autonomous applications by insuring a clear airspace for UAS operations such as routine infrastructure monitoring.