Impossible Aerospace demonstrates battery strength in all-electric aviation first

California-based Impossible Aerospace has announced that its US-1 flying battery quadcopter is the first aircraft of its kind to cross the Black Rock desert in Nevada
without recharging in repeated 72-minute flights, the company said.

The US-1 crossed the Black Rock Desert using a mission profile that avoided restricted wilderness areas and preparations for the annual Burning Man celebration. The aircraft used for the flight was an unmodified production US-1, carrying with it both a FLIR Duo Pro R camera and HD video transmitter. With and against the prevailing winds, the US-1 flew distances of 29 and 21 miles respectively.

According to the company, the flight was planned to avoid operations over people and protected wilderness areas. The flight was conducted under 14 CFR 107.25, with the pilot operating as a passenger of a moving vehicle over a sparsely populated area maintaining visual line of sight to the aircraft.

Impossible Aerospace designs, engineers, assembles and services the US-1 from its Santa Clara, California factory.