IMG acquires Altair Technologies to expand capabilities

IMG Companies, LLC has announced that, in partnership with management and Addison Capital Partners, it has acquired and recapitalized Altair Technologies, Inc., the company said.

Altair is a manufacturer specializing in furnace brazing technology together with full-service engineering services for bonding materials and the design and build of high vacuum components. Altair´s core strengths include engineering, metallurgic science and knowledge of manufacturing principles for vacuum and hydrogen brazing, including design and build expertise in application specific, high-vacuum sealed assemblies and devices thru a line of Linear Accelerators and high vacuum components.

IMG has grown into a vertically integrated, high technology manufacturing business with unique capabilities primarily servicing a diverse base of customers within aerospace and defense, semi-tool, medical device and security sectors. Key areas of competence include fabrication and machining of critical components with a broad range of materials, geometries and size requirements, bonding of similar and dissimilar material through electron beam, laser and TIG/MIG welding.

Addison Capital is a private equity investment firm that seeks out partnerships with owners and operators of smaller middle market growth companies, often that are closely held or family owned businesses, to provide legacy stewardship, liquidity, growth capital and management resources to grow and build the greater enterprise.