ImagineAir launches innovative aircraft ownership program

On-demand air taxi service ImagineAir said it has launched its Platinum Membership Program, a new initiative that allows frequent travelers to take advantage of unlimited flight travel options.

This is the only program where members can fly to any regional airport for no additional cost and are entitled to free flight changes, advanced cancellations, and coordination of ground transportation. Platinum members receive over USD200,000 in flight credit on ImagineAir´s service in addition to potential tax benefits and savings.

Platinum membership provides an opportunity for prospective Cirrus SR22 owners to take advantage of the benefits of aircraft ownership at an affordable cost. By purchasing a new Cirrus aircraft and leasing it to ImagineAir, owners will be provided with rental revenue or flight credit and discounts without any maintenance fees. ImagineAir will cover all expenses including those related to overall upkeep, crew, hangar, insurance fees, fuel, etc.

Founded in 2005, ImagineAir is a leading on-demand air taxi service, which operates the largest floating fleet of piston aircraft in the United States. Following its merger with Kavoo in 2014, ImagineAir expanded its service to cover the entire East Coast of the United States, and currently operates more than 5,000 flights annually.