iFLYTEK, Hancom Group to Help Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic

Asia´s artificial intelligence (AI) and speech technology company, iFLYTEK, has partnered with the South Korean technology company, Hancom Group, to launch the joint venture Accufly.AI in South Korea, the company said.

Accufly.AI launched its AI Outbound Calling System to assist the South Korean government at no cost and provide information to individuals who have been in close contact with or have had a confirmed coronavirus case.

The AI Outbound Calling System is a smart, integrated system that is based on iFLYTEK solutions and Hancom Group´s Korean-based speech recognition. The technology saves manpower and assists in the automatic distribution of important information to potential carriers of the virus and provides a mechanism for follow up with recovered patients. iFLYTEK is looking to make this technology available in markets around the world, including North American and Europe.

In February, the Hancom Group donated 20,000 protective masks and 5 thermal devices to check temperatures to Anhui to help fight the epidemic.

iFLYTEK´s AI technology helped stem the spread of the virus in China and will help the South Korean government conduct follow-up, identify patients with symptoms, manage self-isolated residents, and reduce the risk of cross-infection. The system also will help the government distribute important health updates, increase public awareness, and bring communities together.