IDTechEx releases report on manned electric aircraft

IDTechEX has announced the release of a new report entitled Manned Electric Aircraft 2020-2030, praising manufacturers, such as Bye Aerospace, for walking before they try to run, the company said.

Bye Aerospace started with two-seater pure-electric vehicles and progressed to four, in this case, fixed-wing aircraft. Sales of these as air taxis and pilot trainers are booming with Bye alone attracting USD 165 million in business in about one year.

Ampaire has very advanced electric aircraft technology, but it has started with a relatively straightforward replacement of one engine in a small Cessna to create hybrid electric versions. Substantial orders have been rapidly gained.

Contrast that with Zunum Aero, which went straight to larger hybrid-electric planes. As IDTechEx feared, it is facing financial trouble.

IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das also has concerns about most of the 100 or so developers of vertical takeoff and landing VTOL pure electric aircraft.

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