IDT launches BOSS Revolution Money App

IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT), a global provider of communications and payment services, has introduced BOSS Revolution Money, the company said.

The new app lets users send money transfers, mobile airtime and electronic gift cards to family and friends easily and securely.

Senders can choose from over 300,000 payout points, including in-country bank deposit, cash pickup at participating banks and retailers, mobile wallets and home cash delivery. Once the transfer has been placed, the BOSS Revolution Money app lets the sender make a free international phone call to the recipient to let them know that funds are on the way. The sender will also receive alerts via text and email on the status of the transaction at every step – from submission through completion — thus providing peace of mind until the recipient has the funds.

The BOSS Revolution Money app also makes it simple to recharge the prepaid mobile phones of friends and family in over 70 countries worldwide just by entering the recipient´s phone number and a top-up amount.

Within the US, the BOSS Revolution Money app similarly makes sending electronic gift cards for America´s top retail brands and restaurants effortless. It´s a wonderful way to say ´thank you´ or to give a gift for any occasion.

Once a customer has used the BOSS Revolution Money app to send money, airtime or a gift to a friend or family member, repeat transactions are easy. With just a few quick taps, the customer can initiate, review and submit a repeat transaction. All transactions on the app are transmitted securely and protected by the BOSS Revolution money back guarantee.

IDT Corporation, through its IDT Telecom division, provides telecommunications and payment services to individuals and businesses primarily through its flagship Boss Revolution and net2phone brands. BOSS Revolution Money´s international money transfer is a service of IDT Payment Services., Inc. and is available where licensed. IDT Telecom´s wholesale business is a leading global carrier of international long distance calls.