IDSS demonstrates advanced Checkpoint CT scanner

Integrated Defense and Security Solutions´s (IDSS) government-certified advanced checkpoint scanner, the DETECTâ„¢ 1000, has been installed at Boston´s Logan International Airport as part of the TSA´s Innovation Task Force initiatives to field Next Generation Security Technology, the company said.

Based on advanced medical computed tomography (CT) technology, the DETECTâ„¢ 1000 is designed and programmed to automatically analyze the material characteristics of all objects within passengers´ bags. The system automatically alarms on identified threat items and provides a full three-dimensional image, along with the threat´s location pinpointed within the bag.

Founded in 2012 by security technology developers, IDSS is focused on delivering high performance, next-generation systems to replace the existing X-ray systems in use at airports. IDSS has drawn upon its extensive experience in screening technology to become the premier security solutions provider for advanced threat detection.