IDC to Provide Context into Digital Economy

Over the past five years, International Data Corporation (IDC) has been documenting the rise of the digital economy and the digital transformation that organizations must undergo to compete and survive in this economy, the company said.

To that end, IDC announced the launch of nine new research practices in 2020 that bridge its traditional technology market view with a business outcomes view. The objective of the practices will be to provide context to what is happening in the digital economy — explaining the desired business outcomes, such as engendering trust or becoming an intelligent organization, and how technology can be used to achieve these outcomes. The latest of these practices to launch is the Future of Trust.

IDC defines trust as an up leveling of the security conversation to include attributes such as risk, compliance, privacy, and even business ethics. These elements transform the conversation from what “must” a company do to prevent negative outcomes to what “should” a company do.

Trust is elevating to a board room topic as the language of trust changes. According to IDC´s 2019 CEO Survey, digital trust programs are the most important agenda item in the next five years.

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