IDC Framework Calls on Companies to Become Resilient Decision Makers

To help organizations expand to the operations technology (OT) buyer and become resilient decision makers, IDC has published a new Future of Operations (FoO) framework, the company said.

By 2025, intelligent enterprises will see 100% increase in productivity, resulting in 1/2 the response time of peers due to an ability to anticipate market and operational changes and 25% increase in success rates of new product introductions.

The Future of Operations is marked by resilient decision making. IDC defines resilient decision making as having the ability to use all available data and information to rapidly and effectively make decisions that keep your operations aligned with customer expectations and demands.

Traditionally, operational data has been siloed by both technology and organization. Systems have typically been in place to pull critical financial and compliance information from operations by the IT organization. And those same systems push down orders and demands as gathered by the IT systems. It is then up to the operation to have processes and systems in place to turn that flow into an executed business function. The drive to the Future of Operations rests on having the ability to move beyond the push/pull nature of information flow.

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