IDC, DDN to Develop Boardrooms for Digital, Cybersecurity Future

International Data Corporation (IDC) has announced the Corporate Director´s Digital Council with its exclusive partner Digital Directors Network (DDN), the company said.

The Corporate Director´s Digital Council offers a series of high engagement executive learning events to develop core digital and cybersecurity competencies for the full board. The full board will also be certified on DDN´s DiRECTOR framework, the systemic risk model for overseeing systemic risk in complex digital business systems.

Individual director digital development plans will also be a key part of the program along with curated content that will be delivered monthly to the full board on the latest digital issues impacting the organization. Individual directors will also have access to IDC´s extensive knowledge base for self-learning and DDN´s cybersecurity awareness micro-learning episodes.

The program will help create digitally savvy boards that can effectively lead companies into the digital future. Directors will also have an efficient way to remain up to date on the latest issues and risks in the rapidly changing digital world. Research from MIT indicates that companies with digitally savvy boards drive 38% higher revenue growth, 17% higher profit margins, and 34% higher market cap growth.

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Digital Directors Network (DDN) is an executive association and leadership development firm focused exclusively on digital and cybersecurity risk oversight in the corporate boardroom. DDN´s DiRECTOR framework helps companies and their directors understand and mitigate systemic risk throughout their complex digital business systems. To learn more about DDN, visit