ICF launches Truebook aircraft appraisal platform

ICF (NASDAQ: ICFI) has announced it has launched Truebook, an online platform for aircraft valuation that provides accurate and comprehensive assessments using proprietary appraisal methodologies, the company said.

Truebook integrates ICF´s industry-leading appraisal methodology, enabling airline executives, investors and lessors to make informed decisions that strengthen their aircraft portfolios and transactions. Truebook provides more information to stakeholders throughout the transaction process. Its multi-user and mobile-friendly access enables end users to easily navigate the data and find values based on an aircraft´s unique specifications.

With Truebook, ICF adds another platform to its portfolio of proprietary, industry-leading technologies including Tally, a loyalty and customer relationship management platform, and Sightlineâ„¢, a customer data program that is currently used by utilities to monitor program performance and develop personalized energy communications that improve customer engagement.

Truebook is powered in association with CAPA — Centre for Aviation and CAPA Fleets, a recognized provider of high-quality global commercial fleet data.

ICF is a global consulting and digital services provider with over 5,500 specialized experts.