Icelandair deploys FlightAware's next generation of flight tracking technology

Icelandair has announced it will integrate FlightAware´s Firehose data feed to enhance existing operational tools with global flight tracking, the company said.

The feed will deliver live aircraft position data from FlightAware´s terrestrial network of ADS-B receivers, as well as from Aireon´s space-based ADS-B network.

Icelandair joins airlines around the world in taking steps to modernize their flight tracking capabilities. Largely in response to the loss of flights AF447 and MH370, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) created the Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System or GADSS. GADSS establishes standards and recommended practices for flight tracking by aircraft operators and has been adopted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

FlightAware is the world´s largest flight tracking information company and provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service companies as well as over 12 million passengers with global flight tracking solutions.