Icelandair asks pilots to work in place of flight attendants

FlyerTalk has announced Icelandair has decided to fire flight attendants due to lack of passenger demand, and ask pilots to serve in their place until a new class of cabin staff is hired, the news source said.

Icelandair´s comes amid year-long conflict between the airline and the FFÍ labor union. Since 2019, the flight attendants say they have been fighting with the airline over wages and time off.

In June 2020, unionized flight attendants denied a new collective bargaining agreement, with nearly three-quarters of the workforce voting it down. As a result, the airline has opted to fire their entire flight attendant corps. Instead of the FFÍ unionized labor, Icelandair says they will look for another party in the Icelandic labor market to take on the duties.

Until the airline decides on a new path forward, pilots currently working for the airline will be asked to take on flight attendant duties.