ICAS comparison reveals Air Shows less expensive than major league sporting events

In a comparison of costs to attend an air show versus a major league sporting event, the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) revealed air shows to be more affordable, the association said.

For comparison purposes, ICAS estimates the cost for the average family of four to attend an air show in 2016 to be USD 135, which includes admission, parking, a hot dog, a beverage, and two souvenirs for the kids. By contrast, using the same criteria, the average cost for attending a major league baseball (MLB) game is USD 220, for a National Basketball Association (NBA) game – USD 339, for the National Hockey League (NHL) – USD 364, and for a National Football League (NFL) game – USD 503.

The cost of an air show begins with an average adult ticket price of USD 17.50 (USD 7.50 for a child), which compares to USD 29.94 for an MLB game, USD 47.00 for a non-Disney theme park, USD 53.98 for an NBA game, USD 62.12 for an NHL game, USD 85.53 for an NFL game, USD 96.00 for a NASCAR race, USD 101.00 for a Disney theme park, and USD 104.46 for a Broadway musical.

Headquartered in Leesburg, Va., ICAS was founded in 1967 as a trade and professional association by industry professionals to protect and promote their interests in the growing North American air show marketplace.