IBM enables brands to deliver next wave of consumer experiences

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has offered expanded set of solutions and features including cognitive technologies that allow brands to help deliver relevant customer experiences, the company said.

With these offerings, marketers, merchandisers and e-commerce professionals can learn, predict and guide customer engagement at each step in their brand journey.

According to a new report from Nucleus Research, IBM delivers USD15.82 return on investment (ROI) for every dollar spent on its marketing, sales, merchandising and analytics offerings, which are being used by leading brands such as ING Direct, The Home Shopping Network (HSN) and Standard Life to meet the personalized, real-time needs of their customers.

Commerce Insights is also infusing cognitive into its anomaly detection capabilities so teams are automatically alerted to significant spikes and dips in sales and presented contributing factors such as inventory, promotional event, channel activities and soon input from social sentiment and competitive pricing.