IBM, Banca Carige, launch dock

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Italian bank, Banca Carige, have officially launched Dock, a USD 500m US joint venture, to bring innovative technologies including AI, big data, analytics and cognitive tools to improve the competitiveness of Carige´s more than 500 branches and over one million clients, the company said.

As one of the Italian banking groups, with more than 500 years of tradition, this partnership, which was signed in this year´s first quarter, gives Banca Carige the ability to respond to new business needs by facilitating the simplification of their IT environment while also creating a path to digital transformation that will help drive client experience excellence under a single bank model.

IBM Services will deliver a solution involving all sectors of the banking group and provides for the introduction of innovative technologies with the aim of improving the commercial competitiveness of the Bank. And though Dock will initially focus on driving innovation and competitiveness for Banca Carige, it has also put the gears in motion to lead the region´s banking sector towards a future full of new professional skills and opportunities such as digital banking and Cloud storage.

Dock currently employees 173 people, 133 of whom come from Carige and 40 from IBM, and the road to new hires which will benefit the territory is being opened through collaborations with universities and local institutions.