IBM announces new analytics software and services

IBM (NYSE:IBM) announced on Thursday new analytics software and services designed to help companies understand and more effectively use intellectual property, scientific literature and molecular data.

The IT company said that its cloud computing-based business analytics and optimisation strategic IP insight platform (SIIP) can enable organisations to quickly find and use information in scientific literature and patents by bringing together much of the world’s body of patent information in one place and applying advanced analytics.

Using the IBM SmartCloud, deep analytics tools are applied against patent documents from the US Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office and World Intellectual Property Organisation and the public domain portion of scientific abstracts from the US National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE database to expose insights about the competitive landscape.

SIIP can be used to identify new market opportunities and potential collaboration partners. It also enhances the ability to manage and monetise Intellectual Property portfolios and helps companies pursue stronger, higher quality patents, IBM said.

IBM Global Business Services also announced on Thursday related consulting and business transformation services for clients using SIIP.

No pricing details were disclosed.