IAH ranks 8th in US for on-time performance

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has ranked Houston´s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) number 8 among the top 29 hub airports in the US for on-time performance in 2016 with more than 83% of flights operating on time, the Houston Airport System said.

The Houston Airport System has partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on numerous projects to enhance the efficiency of the Houston airspace, including the Houston Metroplex project. The project introduced changes to airspace design and procedures for airports in the Houston region.

These changes included 49 additions, 11 modifications and 20 removals of various types of arrival and departure procedures. It also included development of new Performance Based Navigation procedures, as well as expanded use of Time Based Flow Management.

IAH climbed up 8 spaces from number 16 in 2015 to number 8 in 2016.