i3 Broadband continues its area-wide multi-million dollar investment to build fiber optic network

i3 Broadband, a neighborhood provider of fiber optic Internet, will start construction in multiple neighborhoods to continue its multi-year, multi-million dollar investment in extending the fiber network throughout Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, the company said.

i3 Broadband offers ultra-high speed Internet, HD TV and voice services that deliver an unmatched combination of reliability, responsiveness and value.

Unlike phone DSL or traditional cable company services, i3 Broadband´s fiber-to-the-home network allows data to travel much faster to and from users, is more reliable and has a better signal strength. To support its fiber network expansion, i3 Broadband plans to hire local technicians and other positions later this year.

i3 Broadband is the new local commercial partner working with the UC2B not-for-profit board to extend true fiber connectivity to homes and businesses. This network expansion extends the initial UC2B fiber backbone buildout in 2010-2013 that was supported by USD 26 million in federal and state grants, and in-kind contributions from the cities of Champaign and Urbana, and the University of Illinois.

i3 Broadband continues its active relationship with UC2B to plan neighborhood buildouts and support a community benefit fund to reduce technology adoption barriers for disadvantaged community groups.

i3 Broadband provides TV, Voice and Internet services through a 100% fiber optic network in the greater Peoria, Champaign and Urbana, Illinois markets.