I-ON Communications get US patent

I-ON Communications Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of I-ON Communications Corp. (OTCQB: IONI), a Seoul, South Korea-based global enterprise software company focused on delivering CMS and unstructured data management products and solutions to mid and large-scale enterprises, has announced that the company was recently awarded a patent for a “Mobile Chat Systems for Supporting Cartoon Story-Style Communication on Webpage” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US 9,973,458, B2), the company said.

The patent, which is the most recent out of numerous granted to I-ON over the past fifteen years, describes a content-enabled mobile chat and storage system designed to support animation or cartoon story-style interactions and messaging between mobile devices, as well as a server for displaying similar interactions via websites.

In conjunction with the company´s suite of customizable enterprise CMS-related offering, this new capability could be aimed at enhancing user engagement, retention and conversion via chat and messaging in areas of, among others, e-commerce, business services and customer support.

I-ON Communications Corp. is a Seoul, South Korea-based enterprise software company founded in 1999. After being awarded its first of six patents in 2003, the company has since evolved into an industry-leading and recognized developer of enterprise-class unstructured data management and digital marketing software solutions.