Hytera's Private Network Communication Helps Fight Against COVID-19 Epidemic

As a provider of private network communications, Hytera has set up a national emergency support team after the COVID-19 outbreak in China, the company said.

The company pro-actively contacted health committees, prevention and control departments, medical institutions, and non-profit organizations throughout China to help coordinate all aspects of support, including equipment donations, communications support, and field services.

Hytera not only provided strong communication guarantees for the rapid 7-day construction of Wuhan´s Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Raytheon Hospital in China, but also introduced a safer epidemic prevention and control model for further hospital management, accelerating the diagnosis of new cases, process of rescue operations and effectively avoiding viral transmissions.

At the same time, Hytera´s communications network is also playing a major role across various aspects of epidemic prevention and control efforts, such as medical services, police services, transportation, community and park management, and more.

Additionally, Hytera also donated more than 3,000 communication devices nationwide and will start to produce surgical masks to help prevent and control the epidemic. Hytera´s advanced intelligent manufacturing factory is now quickly switching over to mask production to meet increased demand due to the epidemic. Production is expected to start in March.