Hytera to promote smart transformation of public safety

Leveraging its profound knowledge of the private communications industry, Hytera has offered various private network devices & rapid, secure, and reliable voice and short data communications for customers in the public safety industry, the company said.

As the integration of voice and data, the collaboration of private and public networks, and the interconnection of broadband and narrowband become the mainstream trend of mission-critical communication development, Hytera launched the latest multi-mode advanced radio, PTC680, to cope with the new dynamics of the market.

For users in the public safety industry, the instantaneous transmission of information enables decision-makers to make rapid deployment at a crucial moment, so as to ensure the safety of front-line personnel and the efficient completion of tasks. In that case, stable and reliable voice communication is still the core service, while in some scenarios, front-line personnel can concentrate more on carrying out their tasks by means of texts, images, or videos and better safeguard mission-critical communications with the help of the industry-leading broadband communications platform.

Based on Hytera´s self-developed private network trunking communication platform, PTC680 enables customers to communicate over the deeply converged broadband and narrowband network and provides the industry-leading end-to-end encryption solutions for secure communication.