Hytera Radios with RoIP Solution Enhance Public Safety Response

Hytera multi-mode advanced radios with RoIP solution provide public safety personnel with a vital tool to help them carry out their jobs more efficiently, the company said.

Hytera RoIP solution based on the convergent broadband and narrowband platform delivers both multi-network roaming and fast broadband services, such as video calling.

First responders are facing growing challenges worldwide from public safety crises such as terrorist attacks and pandemics, as well as environmental disasters like wildfires and floods. Public safety personnel must be able to respond quickly and effectively to these challenges. Hytera multi-mode advanced RoIP-enabled radios fulfill this need. These smart, easy-to-use radios reduce workloads and allow public safety personnel to concentrate on the tasks that matter most.

Hytera also provides a range of smart accessories, including Carkit and convert camera. The radios can be mounted in the patrol car using a Carkit and connected to a larger display like a tablet. The VM220 convert camera with headset allows police officers to talk, record video, and transmit it to the control center in real-time – all without holding the radio.