Hypori unveils smartphone that can't be lost, stolen or broken

Hypori has introduced the vPhone, a virtual smartphone that affords every business user the benefits of separate work and personal phones, conveniently delivered on a single device, the company said.

vPhone users gain the freedom to access the work apps they need without compromising productivity, privacy or security.

Requiring employees to carry separate personal and corporate-owned phones, for which hardware is dictated rather than chosen, is an unnecessary hassle for the business user. The traditional alternative is to mandate that users install corporate device management software onto their personal phones, restricting the choices that users can make regarding their apps and devices while adding an element of corporate control and potential surveillance over personal mobile activities.

With Hypori´s vPhone, every user can now access a work vPhone from their personal Apple or Android smartphone or tablet without the inevitable drawbacks, hefty expense and complex setup associated with corporate-issued phones or device management software. vPhones also eliminate the privacy sacrifices imposed by corporate spyware.

vPhones deliver a mobile work experience alongside personal mobile activities, apps and data. All vPhone apps and data are stored in the secure cloud and never reside on the device, so the vPhone and its contents cannot be lost, stolen, broken or compromised in any way, the company promises.

Hypori, an enterprise software company, provides a mobile platform that supports unmodified mobile applications across various end-points. It serves clients in education, financial, healthcare, hospitality, oil and gas, technology, and public sector. Hypori was formerly known as DroidCloud, Inc. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Austin, Texas.