Hyperglance joins AWS, OpenStack for interactive 3D visibility platform

Hyperglance Ltd. said its Hyperglance 4.0 brings together Amazon Web Services and OpenStack cloud infrastructure into an interactive, easy to use, 3D topology console within a single browser tab view.

Hyperglance 4.0 streamlines the mapping, monitoring, and managing of resources across domains, cloud systems, accounts, virtual private clouds (VPCs) and regions by providing a new plugin-less browser client and other feature enhancements such as the ability to see and interact with all integrated platforms´ topologies via a single browser tab view.

Hyperglance specializes in API integration, data aggregation, advanced physics, and gaming graphics methods to automatically map IT resource data into a dynamic 3D topology visualization with 360-degree navigation; data and metric insight on-demand; and secure resource actions.

Hyperglance is privately owned and headquartered in London, England. Visit us at www.hyperglance.com, or follow us on Twitter at @hyperglance. For more information, please email contact@hyperglance.com.